Guatemala: Work Permits and Visas

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Foreign nationals planning to travel, work or study in Guatemala generally require a visa. Depending on the length of the trip and the applicant’s nationality, different requirements apply. Guatemala is a member of the Central America Border Control Agreement (CA-4). The agreement is a treaty signed by Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua which allows free movement of people among the four countries.

A foreign national planning to travel, work or study in the Republic of Guatemala generally requires a visa and a valid passport. Depending on both the length of the trip and the applicant’s nationality, different requirements may apply.

The agencies involved in the visa and permit process include the Guatemalan embassy or consulate in the applicant’s country of residence or country of origin, the General Office of Migration (Dirección General de Migración), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Guatemala) and border control officers.

A foreign national should choose the visa type that is appropriate for the purpose of the visit. The Guatemalan government issues the following types of visas:

Tourist Visa is issued for a limited duration of leisure travel, or to participate in a cultural, sporting, scientific or academic event. Holders of this type of visa are not allowed to engage in any business-related activities in Guatemala. Tourist visas may be renewed/extended one time only.

Business Visa is for foreign nationals participating in short-term commerce/business-related activities in Guatemala. Holders of this visa are precluded from earning a salary or obtaining employment for which a work visa would be required. Business visas may be renewed/extended one time only.

Student Visa permits foreign nationals to study at institutions of higher education approved and accredited by the government of Guatemala.

Work Permit allows foreign nationals to work for an organization in Guatemala.

To enter Guatemala, a passport valid for at least six months is required. Foreign nationals should visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Guatemala) for the most current information on visa requirements. The visa does not guarantee entry since the decision admission remains the prerogative of the immigration officials at the point of entry in the country.

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