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Writing Effective Resumés and Cover Letters

As trends change frequently, it’s helpful to review current guidelines. Writing trends for resumés and cover letters change frequently, so it is advisable to keep up to date with current guidance. Requirements also differ between industries, with the largest variation

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Tips for Submitting Compelling Job Applications

In most countries, the job application process has changed dramatically over the past few years. This is thanks to mass electronic resumé/CV distribution services, online recruitment databases, the ability to upload and email job applications, and the increasing use of

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20 Tips for Perfecting Your Cover Letter and CV/Resumé

Though individual countries have certain specific guidelines and preferences for cover letters and CVs/resumés, there are some general tips that apply all over the world. Some of these are as simple as spelling everything correctly, while others are less obvious.

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Tips for Writing the Perfect Resumé: Italy

When trying to secure that dream job abroad, there are so many things to consider, including the career and financial implications, your loved ones, travel and educational opportunities, and cultural fit. Once you’ve decided to move full steam ahead and

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CV Writing Tips for Saudi Arabia

CV Writing Tips for Saudi Arabia A Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter are typically a job applicant’s first introduction to an employer and, as a result, of great importance. Saudi business culture can be divided into positions for expatriates

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How to Create a Country-Specific Curriculum Vitae

When you come across that perfect job advertised in the country of your dreams, it is imperative to get your resumé or curriculum vitae (CV) just right, focusing it on those aspects most important for that particular job, but also

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France: Resume/CV Guidelines

When writing to a prospective employer in France, do not send an exhaustive résumé/CV (curriculum vitae). Two pages can be justified when you have — at the very least — eight years of professional experience; otherwise, one page usually will suffice. Lengthy résumés/CVs are not popular with recruiters and increase the risk of your application being put at the bottom of the pile or summarily discarded.

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A Guide to Applying for a UK Job

If you’re interested in applying for a job in the UK, then you’ve come to the right spot! It’s important to understand the proper way to fill out a British job application, and how to tailor your CV and interviewing style to match their expectations and avoid any cultural blunders.

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Kenya: Resume/CV Guidelines

In Kenya, applications for professional positions are written in English, unless there is a specific request for another language. Always proofread résumés carefully for typographical and grammatical errors. Do not rely solely on spellcheck program.

Many organizations prefer online applications, and may or may not accept hard copies. It can be useful to set up an electronic signature, if possible. There are many tech-savvy individuals in Kenya, and a staff member in a cyber café or other organization that offers IT services will usually be able to assist with establishing a secure virtual signature.

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