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Interviewing in Italy

While punctuality is generally not as much of a priority in Italy — and it may be reasonable to expect an interview to start late — it is extremely important for you to arrive on time for a job interview

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Interview Prep: Australia

In Australia, interviews are still a key part of the recruitment process for all jobs. Increasingly, interviews can be done in a variety of formats in the early stages. These formats include an informal coffee meeting, a phone or video

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Tips for the Virtual Job Interview

More and more job interviews are taking place virtually. This was true first because of the ease of it thanks to technology, and now it is because of the restrictions COVID-19 has placed on face-to-face interaction. If you have been

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Interview Prep: The UAE

Job interviews are hard work. They take preparation. Research and practice are involved. Proper grooming and attire play an important role. Your comportment is key, so you must master your facial expressions and posture. This is just a start of

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Interviewing Successfully in South Korea

Korea is an exceptional country when it comes to the hiring process. While in the West, the application form often is only the start of the hiring process, in Korea the application essentially is the most important document you will

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Ten Tips to Interviewing Well in Canada

Interviewing in Canada is not wholly unlike interviewing in many other countries. No matter where you are, it is always smart to be prepared, be professional, be engaged and, then, be patient. However, there are some key things to know

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Interviewing in Japan

Before interviewing for a job in any country, you should research and learn as much as possible about the prospective employer. Studying the company website and its social media presence (including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), reviewing company news releases, and

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Interviewing in India

Applications for jobs in India usually are made by resumé or curriculum vitae (CV) and a cover letter, both of which should be in English. For each position you seek, you should submit a resumé that matches your skills and

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The Art of the Interview – Spain

Spain consistently ranks as one of the world’s most visited countries, beloved for its people, its culture and its many renowned attractions. Whether you are a foodie on the hunt for the best paella, an art lover determined to see

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Interviewing in Singapore

Singapore is a unique setting that offers a high quality of life, many attractions and a fascinating cultural experience. It is a popular destination for not only tourists but those of you looking for a life-changing work experience that can

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