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Interviewing in Italy

While punctuality is generally not as much of a priority in Italy — and it may be reasonable to expect an interview to start late — it is extremely important for you to arrive on time for a job interview

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Employment Outlook: Germany

The EU’s most populous country, Germany maintains a strong economy and a bright employment outlook. Despite the crisis caused by the coronavirus in the past few years, Germany remains Europe’s largest and strongest economy. The country has escaped recession by

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When in Rome …

For the visitor or would-be expat, here is an update on how Rome, one of the world’s most popular cities is faring post-pandemic. Rome, Italy, has been a world center for more than 2,000 years, and today it is much

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Employment Trends: United Kingdom

The United Kingdom still has some recovery to do to reach pre-COVID levels, but there is economic and employment promise on the horizon. The UK has been struggling with high inflation and energy costs, both of which are expected to

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Employment Outlook: Switzerland

With a labor force of almost 5 million people, Switzerland boasts low unemployment and a highly skilled and multilingual labor force. Employees tend to have more international work experience than is typical for EU nationals. They are also inclined to

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Now Hiring: The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia (pronounced Che-ki-ya), is one of the most advanced economies in the European Union (EU). The Czech Republic’s economy slowed down in the first year of the pandemic, but it’s now bounced back and

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Employment Outlook: Israel 

Talent shortages mar an otherwise bright pandemic recovery for “Start-up Nation” Israel “Israel has an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative, highly educated, skilled and diverse workforce,” according to the latest investment statement of the US State Department. Israel’s free-market economy

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Employment Outlook: Austria

Austria’s economy is recovering faster than expected after the COVID-19 pandemic undermined its growth. The country is heading to pre-COVID levels in the summer. Its hiring outlook is positive, jobs growth is strong and unemployment is expected to decline to

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Living and Working in the UK

Brexit and COVID-19 have affected the cost of living in the UK, from housing to transportation to medical care. The United Kingdom is suffering from a cost-of-living crisis initiated by Brexit and compounded by COVID-19. National health care contributions and

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Employment Outlook: Norway

Areas of job promise grow across many sectors in resource rich Norway. By Mary Anne Thompson, Founder and President, GoinGlobal, Inc. Norway’s economy is recovering from the initial effects of the pandemic, however, the timeline for this recovery remains uncertain

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