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Explore Ways to Travel Abroad for Free and Gain Work Experience

Do you dream of exploring a career abroad so you can travel? Or are you wondering how to gain work experience while living in an exotic location?  Same. Who doesn’t have a case of wanderlust? The first thing that may

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South Africa: An Expat Favorite

South Africa is a middle-income country with 55 million residents. It is a melting pot of culturally, linguistically, racially and religiously diverse people. Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban and Johannesburg are cosmopolitan cities and the main destinations for foreign professionals. In

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Mastering the Job Interview: Saudi Arabia

If you are looking for work in Saudi Arabia, the country offers a wealth of opportunities and income not taxed by the local government. If your eye-catching cover letter and CV custom-tailored to a specific job have attracted the attention

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The Best Countries in the World for Women

According to the new 2018 ranking from US News & World Report, Denmark is the best country in the world to live for women. More than 9,000 women were surveyed as part of the news organization’s annual Best Countries ranking

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3 Tips to Overcome Your Fears and Move Abroad

“If your dreams do not scare you, they’re not big enough.”

So you want to move abroad? What’s stopping you? Friends. Family. Work. Fear.

Moving to a new place can be really scary. You have to get a new job. A new place. New friends. Pretty much a new life.

You can probably come up with a million reasons for why you shouldn’t move abroad, and let’s face it: when something scares us, it’s easy to find excuses to put it off.

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Experiences Abroad: How to Move Abroad While Young and Broke

An increasing number of broke millennials are packing up their lives to move abroad—but how are they doing it? While having a comfortable financial cushion can certainly ease your transition abroad, it’s still possible to make the move with very little cash.

In 2004, a young woman found herself in a situation many recent grads can relate to. She had no money and no luck with job prospects.

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