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Employment Overview: Japan

The future looks bright as Japan returns from COVID-era economic and employment issues. Like most countries, Japan’s economic performance has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 global health crisis, and its GDP has been shrinking for several consecutive terms since

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Employment Outlook: India

One of the world’s largest economies, India is working to overcome its talent shortages and hire qualified professionals across many job sectors. India is the world’s largest democracy and fifth-largest economy. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains the fastest-growing economy

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Employment Outlook: South Korea

With an aging population and shrinking labor force, South Korea needs enough talented professionals across many job sectors to fulfill its promise. The world’s 12th-largest economy and fourth-largest in Asia, South Korea is a real success story. A poor nation

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Employment Outlook: Indonesia

With an immense population and growing economy, Indonesia is working to overcome its many challenges to focus on the future.  The Republic of Indonesia is an emerging middle-income country. Its economic might is increasing. The country is predicting 5.1% economic

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Employment Outlook: Vietnam

Skilled workers are needed as Vietnam’s economy continues to grow. Vietnam’s shift from a centralized to a more market-oriented economy has made it an emerging Asian powerhouse. In fact, the Vietnamese economy was one of the few that continued to

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Tokyo’s Job Market: At a Glance

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games happening this past summer and COVID-19 an ongoing factor in everyday life, Japan’s capital city looks to a brighter future. Tokyo, Japan’s capital, has a population of more than 13 million people, around 11%

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Career Opportunities in South Korea

Investments in South Korea’s technology and green energy help boost the country’s economy in the Covid era. By Mary Anne Thompson, founder, and president, GoinGlobal, Inc. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, South Korea’s economy is expected to grow 3.8% this year

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Living in South Korea

Understanding costs can lead to a successful residency in the country. By Mary Anne Thompson, founder, and president, Goinglobal, Inc. South Korea is an increasingly popular destination for expatriates. Almost two and a half million foreigners currently live in the

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Tokyo: Affordable or Too Pricey for Expats?

Tokyo is among the costliest cities in the world for foreign nationals. It is ranked second in Mercer’s latest cost of living rankings. It is the third most expensive city to live in Asia and the seventh most expensive city

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The Wonder of Diverse, Dynamic Taiwan

The culture of Taiwan is an exciting melting pot of Chinese, Japanese and Western influences. Most of Taiwan’s 23 million inhabitants are descendants of immigrants from different parts of Mainland China, especially the coastal province of Fujian on the opposite

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