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Volunteer Your Way to A Career

The benefits of volunteering are far-reaching. Positive effects can be felt by both the communities in which volunteers serve and by the volunteers themselves. It has been shown that giving back through volunteering your time and talent can have emotional

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7 Ways to Travel Abroad for Free

Do you dream of strolling through the beaches of Thailand? Snorkeling in the clear waters of the Philippines? Or visiting beautiful, historic architecture in Europe?

Same. Who doesn’t have a case of wanderlust?

The first thing that may pop into your head when thinking of traveling is money; “I can’t afford it.” Well, fortunately, there are ways to travel abroad without having to fork up the bill on your own.

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Mexico: Internships and Volunteering

If you’re in search of an internship or volunteer opportunity to strengthen your professional skills, consider options in Mexico. There are numerous volunteer and internship opportunities available through non-profit and non-governmental organizations.

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