Remote Work Prospects in Times of COVID-19

Remote Work Apr 09, 2020 No Comments

The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting many aspects of our daily lives, including the way our job markets work, both domestically and internationally. As many states and countries are enforcing unparalleled social distancing measures and strict movement restrictions as a way to prevent the pandemic from spreading faster, employers and workers, as well as jobseekers, are experiencing unprecedented changes in their professional activities. Many businesses are encouraging employees to continue conducting their jobs from home.

In these trying times, the advantages of digital technologies have become more obvious than ever before. If you are looking for work, you may want to explore remote job opportunities.

While it is still difficult to foresee how the COVID-19 pandemic will transform regional and national labor markets…


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Mary Anne Thompson

Mary Anne Thompson founded GoinGlobal, Inc. more than two decades ago as a result of her own experiences job hunting in Sweden. She believes that to uncover the real job opportunities, you need the experience and personal insights of trained local specialists. Mary Anne continues to be an active CEO who shares her strategies and insights directly with clients to help them strategically maximize GoinGlobal’s unique resources.