Engineers Are in Demand Around the World

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For the foreseeable future, engineers will be needed across the discipline. 

As has been true for many years, engineers continue to be among the most sought-after professionals around the world. Engineering is a versatile discipline with a broad career path that encompasses many specific jobs, and no matter what specialty one chooses to study and then practice, there will be no shortage of job opportunities in the coming decade.  

Whether it is city infrastructure expansion, software design and development, renewable energy projects, or mechanical systems’ maintenance, engineering expertise is required to get the project off the ground, or the job done. Currently, the global engineering industry is experiencing severe talent shortages* across the discipline, making competition fierce among businesses trying to attract the best local and international talents. The result is salary increases of 15% to 20% as standard practice. 

Along with requisite education, recruiters are looking for engineers who have leadership skills, know how to work in a team, can adapt easily, can work with structure and know methodology. Soft skills highly valued by employers include strategic vision, effective communication skills and proactivity. 

Worldwide Opportunities

Many job sectors require engineers, and a country’s engineering needs vary depending on its major industries. For instance, Mexico’s diverse economy and strong manufacturing sector provide many roles for engineers, particularly in the medical device, automotive, electronics and aerospace sectors. 

In the U.S., the field of engineering is being fueled by the private sector’s drive for innovation and public sector investments in infrastructure and renewable energy, according to a recent “Top Jobs in Engineering” report by LHH, part of The Adecco Group. Initiatives like the Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS and Science Act have sparked a significant demand for skilled engineers, particularly in green energy and semiconductor manufacturing,” the report said. 

In Singapore, the manufacturing and construction sector is looking for project engineers, automation engineers and engineering consultants. These professionals are sought after to help businesses in their transformation and implementation of post-pandemic safety standards. Sectors such as electronics, chemical, semiconductor, machinery and precision are looking for R&D engineers. As companies automate production processes, they are looking for candidates with digital expertise and automation and process improvement experience.

In the Netherlands, strong construction, maritime technology, energy, high-tech manufacturing and life sciences sectors offer many employment opportunities for engineers. Engineers are in particular demand in the manufacturing industry and the pharmaceutical, chemical and food sectors. Because of a shortage of engineers among local professionals, companies are also looking abroad to find the right talents. Within the next three years, it is forecast that around 211,000 workers will be needed in the engineering sector. 

As South Korea looks toward the future, there are many opportunities for engineers in the country’s manufacturing, construction, cleantech and biotech sectors. Professionals expected to be most in demand in the near future are those in nanotechnology – especially those with experience in energy, environment, biotechnology, display technology and materials.

In India, engineers are particularly needed for infrastructure development projects. Infrastructure is driving much of India’s economic growth. Many initiatives are attracting large multinational corporations to the country such as the ‘Make in India’ program and the Smart Cities Mission. Since the Make in India program was unveiled almost a decade ago, construction projects have blossomed. The Smart Cities Mission, aimed at building more efficient, affordable, sustainable and digitally connected cities across the country, is also requiring new infrastructure developments such as airports, hospitals, schools and better transport systems.  

The Engineering Field is Strong

Wherever you are in the world, the need for skilled engineers is only growing. With rapid-speed technological advancements, continual innovation and the growing desire for renewable energy, engineers are in demand now and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. With the growing interest in such areas as automation and robotics, commercial space travel and biotechnology, the need for research and development in these sectors keeps increasing. The bottom line is no matter where your interest lies within the field of engineering or where in the world you live or wish to live, there is a job waiting for you.

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