Spotlight on GoinGlobal’s Unique H-1B Visa Search Engine

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Helping job seekers interested in working in the United States to develop an understanding of hiring trends and salary ranges by location and occupation.

GoinGlobal’s custom-designed H-1B Plus database* provides U.S. Department of Labor records for millions of companies that have applied for H-1B visas from 2009 to-date.  Information is updated quarterly as new Department of Labor (DOL) visa application records are released.

While the DOL records are public, what makes GoinGlobal’s H-1B search engine unique is that researchers can search records by industry, occupation, job title, company name, job location, fiscal year or wage.  By targeting American employers who have a pattern of seeking to hire international professionals with specific skills, jobseekers can identify historical positions, job locations, and salary ranges based on company name, industry, and job title and then apply their findings to search for similar opportunities in GoinGlobal’s job search database.

Excerpts from GoinGlobal’s H-1B FAQs:

What are H-1B’s?

The H-1B Professional Visa permits companies in the US to employ non-immigrant foreign nationals in occupations that require highly specialized knowledge and at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in the specific specialty. These specialty occupations include science, engineering and information technology. Visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) H-1B Visa page to find out more about specialty occupations.

How will recent policy changes impact the H-1B Visa Program?

Recent executive actions and ongoing US governmental policy changes may have far-reaching implications for foreign workers and visitors, but the full impact is not always clear and continues to shift. It is best to confirm all approved visas prior to travel and consider consulting with an immigration attorney. 

How long is an H-1B Visa valid?

The visa is valid for up to three years with the option to renew for an additional three years for a total of six years. Employers may sponsor H-1B workers for immigrant visas (green cards). 

GoinGlobal’s ongoing commitment to expanding resources for US-based international students and professionals now includes a specialized Visa Webinar Series.  To view a replay of our most recent webinar “H1B Visa Process: Time Sensitive Insights from the Experts” — visit our Webinars page on the platform.

*ACCESS to GoinGlobal’s resource database is provided through subscribing institutions. Contact your college/university’s career center or library for access instructions. Links to GoinGlobal resources within this article will ONLY work once you have established connection to GoinGlobal via a subscribing institution or organization.

Mary Anne Thompson

Mary Anne Thompson founded GoinGlobal, Inc. more than two decades ago as a result of her own experiences job hunting in Sweden. She believes that to uncover the real job opportunities, you need the experience and personal insights of trained local specialists. Mary Anne continues to be an active CEO who shares her strategies and insights directly with clients to help them strategically maximize GoinGlobal’s unique resources.