Employment Outlook: Mumbai

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Expats are needed and welcomed in India’s commercial capital

By Mary Anne Thompson, founder and president, Goinglobal, Inc.

Known as the ‘Gateway to India,’ the city of Mumbai is experiencing a robust economy thanks to a decrease in inflation, increasing consumer confidence and a growing middle class. Unemployment stands at 5.5 percent, down from 5.7 percent last year. Mumbai is a relatively affordable, attractive city for expats, and recruitment is healthy for skilled university graduates, MBAs and expatriates.

Industry Trends

Employer hiring intentions are strongest in the IT, transportation and utilities, finance and banking, public administration and education, and wholesale and retail trade sectors, according to ManpowerGroup India.

Employers are recruiting skilled university graduates from all over the world who have international experience and English proficiency. The government encourages expatriate hiring. Multinational corporations headquartered in Mumbai typically hire international workers, and the number of expats is increasing.

Talent Shortages

A lack of well-educated and well-trained applicants is the most common reason employers give to explain why they are facing difficulties filling jobs. Education, competence and leadership skills are critical for recruitment. Mumbai has some excellent universities, but they are not producing enough skilled graduates to meet current needs.

Top Five Most Difficult Jobs to Fill in Mumbai

1. Skilled trade workers
2. Engineers
3. Technicians
4. Sales representatives
5. Accounting and finance staff


Progressive Mumbai is attractive to expats and, at least for now, needs them to fill skills gaps in a variety of job sectors. Hiring is steady, and though Mumbai is not without its challenges, including education deficiencies and an inadequate housing supply, measures are being taken to tackle these issues. All in all, the ‘Gateway to India’ is wide open and welcoming to interested expats.

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