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STEM workers are in high demand around the world. But for many students – and even career office staff – investigating job, internship or education options in different locations can be overwhelming. Using GoinGlobal’s location-specific Career Guides can expedite your research. Here’s how:

GoinGlobal’s 120, in-depth, country and global city career guides offer ‘Employment and Industry Trends’ by sector that provide up-to-date information about life sciences, engineering, biotech, health care, information technology and more. Many also include specific information on STEM education in these locations.

Quickly Find STEM Resources in GoinGlobal Career Guides:

  1. Access GoinGlobal via your academic institution or professional association.
  2. Choose your desired Country, Global City or US City guide.
  3. Go to the ‘Hiring Opportunities’ section for your chosen location.
  4. Click on ‘Employment and Industry Trends.’
  5. The ‘Industry Opportunities’ or ‘Industry Trends’ links will take you to a page that explores industries by sector.
  6. Click on the relevant STEM link or scroll through to find STEM-related options.

Examples from the U.S City Career Guide / San Francisco/ Employment and Industry Trends:

Biotech/Life Sciences

Life sciences and biotech are thriving in the Bay Area. The area is considered the ‘birthplace of biotech,’ which dates back to 1976 when Genentech was first incorporated.

The area is home to the largest life sciences employment cluster in the world, according to real estate and investment company CBRE. This cluster includes businesses as well as life sciences and biotech programs at Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco and the University of San Francisco. Programs and projects in the area received over 2.2 billion USD in National Institutes of Health funding this past year.

More than 200 biotech firms operate in the area, and these businesses produced over 100 billion USD in economic output, according to the latest report from California Life Sciences. It was also one of the fastest-growing life sciences markets in the US in the past year.

These life sciences companies attract large amounts of venture capital funding due to their access to research institutions, a highly skilled workforce and a large network of investors. Total venture capital exceeded 7.8 billion USD last year, the second-highest total for life sciences in the country.

Throughout the area, the life sciences industry employs about 158,449 – a 7% jump from last year – and supports 258,165 jobs. Sectors that showed the strongest gains include biotechnology and analytical laboratory manufacturing.

Major Life Sciences Employers in the San Francisco Metro Area:

  • AbbVie
  • Amgen
  • Bayer
  • BioMarin
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Gilead Sciences
  • Illumina
  • Zymergen

One of the key reasons why the bioscience industry was born and continues to thrive in the area is the availability of high-quality university and research centers. The Bay Area hosts four major research universities – Stanford University, University of California (UC) Berkeley, UC San Francisco (UCSF) and University of San Francisco. There are also three medical schools – Stanford School of Medicine, UC San Francisco School of Medicine and Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Examples from Country Career Guide /Japan / Employment and Industry Trends:

Engineering Employment Outlook

The industrial sector is very diversified and advanced, often associated with technological sophistication. The country has many of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic products. It is the third-largest producer of ships and the third-biggest car fabricator. Automobiles, robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology and renewable energy are key industries in this sector.

The engineering industry post-pandemic has been characterized by rising energy costs and a worldwide shortage of materials. In just three years, prices have risen to ten times what they once were. This is also due to supply chain bottlenecks and delays, as the manufacturing industry pushes to resume production after the pandemic. In order to keep producing as fast as possible and meet consumers’ expectations, the manufacturing industry has invested heavily in automation. As a consequence, companies are after professionals with specific digital skills and expertise.

Sustainability: As governments around the world invest in renewable energy to tackle the challenges of climate change, Japan is also committing to sustainability. However, experts foresee that local talents will not be able to meet the rising demand for sustainability and environmental social and governance (ESG) professionals and expect companies to look abroad for skilled talents.

* Explore employment outlooks by sector in GoinGlobal’s 120+ Country and Global City Career Guides.

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