How to Find a Job Through Social Media

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Social media* sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook also post job openings, and can complement more traditional job search methods. Remember to review the information you include in your profile, as employers may reject candidates for unprofessional behavior displayed online.

  1. Make sure all your public social media profiles support your professional image.
  2. Let your friends and followers know you are job hunting (use privacy settings if appropriate).
  3. Follow hiring managers and other executives at companies you’d like to work for.
  4. Join industry chats to make connections and learn about new opportunities and developments in your field.
  5. In your professional posts, mention projects you’ve worked on, give concise opinions on current market trends, and link to new articles; stay engaged.

Note that some networking sites may offer basic services for free but charge a fee for premium services or content.
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Facebook can be a powerful tool for jobseekers. Many companies host career pages where you can interact with recruiters and apply directly for jobs without ever leaving the page. Facebook also hosts online events and thousands of business and professional groups, where you can engage with employers and other jobseekers to build your network.

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Glassdoor lists job vacancies and has workplace information such as company reviews and salaries. On the Community page, you can network and solicit advice on topics such as interview strategies, salary negotiations and work/life balance. Students can access Glassdoor reviews without posting a review of their own through a campus career center or by using their .edu email address to register.

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Instagram can be a great tool for personal branding. Even if you already have a personal account, setting up a separate, professional profile displaying your skills and expertise can send a powerful message to potential employers. Use the bio section to market your abilities and post images and screenshots of conferences you’ve attended or projects you’ve completed. Use searchable hashtags to find and follow new contacts, potential employers and open positions, and use industry keywords as hashtags in your own posts. Lastly, interact with companies and employees by liking, commenting or tagging their posts.

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Many consider LinkedIn the best social media site for finding jobs. Creating a LinkedIn profile can enhance your presence in Google search results. Use your profile as an online resumé/CV and connect with employers, industry experts, influencers, potential business partners and colleagues. Post status updates, share newly acquired skills, ask for and give recommendations and skill endorsements, and request introductions. Search job listings and discover personal connections to hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters. You can receive job alerts and often directly apply for posted jobs using information from your profile. Note that you can message only your first-degree connections for free; otherwise, you’ll have to upgrade to Premium.

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The fastest-growing social media platform in the world, TikTok is now becoming a tool for jobseekers. Users can create a TikTok resumé to showcase their skills and personal achievements and find sources of career advice and jobseeking tips. They can follow their favorite companies and brands to learn the latest news and find vacancies posted directly to the platform. They can also seek out recruitment firms with a TikTok presence to find more job opportunities. Keep in mind that the US government, as well as some state and local governments, have cited security concerns regarding this app and legislation is in the works to attempt to ban it in some quarters.

X (Twitter)
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Many companies use X (formerly Twitter) to post immediate job openings and internships, and interact directly with applicants. Businesses often post breaking news such as expansion plans or new product launches on their accounts before making official announcements, so stay abreast of the latest industry trends, company updates and vacancies by following companies and industry-specific hashtags. You can also participate in chats, events and meetups to network with other professionals and recruiters.

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Search YouTube videos for useful tutorials on preparing for a job interview, writing a resumé/CV, interview attire and other resources. Visit the YouTube sites of companies and organizations you are interested in working for, post comments and subscribe to channels that reflect your interests. You can also use YouTube to create a branding video highlighting your industry knowledge and experience, to link to your other social media accounts.

In addition to the resources above, the GoinGlobal LinkedIn Group is a great place to make connections, or follow GoinGlobal on X (Twitter) and Facebook.

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