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As recommendations are still quite important in Austria, it can be advantageous to be based within the country before one begins the job search. Job seekers should attempt to network in order to gain employment and should seek employment recommendations through friends, colleagues, professional associates and industry contacts. If applying from outside Austria, candidates need to communicate clearly why they want to work in Austria and show a basic understanding of Austrian business culture and appropriate language skills. Even when applying to work for an international enterprise, basic German language skills or the willingness to study German are expected by most companies.

The most important issue to remember when preparing for an interview in Austria is to learn as much as possible about the employer and the desired position. Doing research through telephone calls prior to the interview is becoming more and more common in Austria and is often a very important first step in the application process.

Arrive on time or a few minutes early for the interview. If you are delayed for any reason, call ahead and inform the company immediately.

Dress formally and appropriately for the applied position. In general, men should wear a suit and tie, and women should wear a suit or dress. Whatever the clothes, men and women should appear well groomed and professional.

People you meet when entering the building or office or while waiting may also be included in the decision-making process, so make sure to be friendly and proper with everyone you meet.

Be careful to address the interviewer by their academic title; if you use the wrong title or no title at all, it can mean the end of the interview. Some interviewers, however, might offer to be addressed without their academic titles.

Austrian employers seek individuals who are self-assured, open and polite. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer and do not appear submissive.

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