International Flags

So, you’ve landed that perfect job abroad or finally decided to realize your dream of moving to a new country. Either way, you’ll experience many new things – new people, new cultures, new languages, new food, new customs. It’s exciting to embark on new adventures and to add dimensions to your life. In the face of that excitement, however, there is some work to do to make sure you are ready for your move. Here are ten steps that will help prepare you well for that next big leap:

  1. Make sure you have enough money – Even if you have a job waiting for you, make sure you can get yourself to your new country and secure a place to live, while still having money in the bank for a rainy day – and some amazing day trips.
  2. Know what papers you need – passports and visas are often required, and you should have them ready in plenty of time, so nothing holds up your travels.
  3. Tie Up Loose Ends at Home – Make sure you have plans in place at home to take care of all you are leaving behind – pets, homes, etc.
  4. Examine Health Care Options – Healthcare is important anywhere you go. Do your research, so you know what is available to you in your new country.
  5. Travel Arrangements – Don’t wait until the last minute to secure your plane ticket and remember that you may need to ship many of your belongings to your new home, as you will likely want to take more than go with you on the plane.
  6. Living Arrangements – Make sure you have a place to live or a plan to obtain a place to live. In some countries, you will need the help of a real estate agent to navigate the unfamiliar housing markets.
  7. Research Your New Country – Do a lot of reading about the country where you are moving. There are many, many things to learn – from common phrases in a new language to the typical weather and shopping options. Read, read, read.
  8. Transportation – Does your new country have a great subway system? Are the buses top notch? Or, should you have a car to get around easily? These are things you need to know. Check websites, and read up on local transportation options.
  9. Talk to Locals – If you have the opportunity to talk to people who live in the country you are moving to, do it. They can give you first-hand information, things not found in a book.
  10. Have Fun – Planning a big move, even one that you are excited about, can be very stressful. Don’t forget this is an adventure, and you should enjoy it!


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