Internships and Volunteering as a Tool for Career Exploration

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Consider internships and volunteering as viable testing ground to see if a certain career field is a good fit for you. These opportunities can give you valuable hands-on experience in unexpected ways, not only to build your skill set and confidence, but also to learn the ins-and-outs of an industry directly from people in the field. Bonus benefit – expand your connections for networking!

Even if you are unsure about a career focus, there are lots of creative ways to explore and test the job market for potential interest. Check out these 11 suggestions for firsthand career exploration activities.

Using GoinGlobal’s collection of resources can help you discover options for living and working overseas. You may also know that we can help you find particular job opportunities around the world. But did you know GoinGlobal can also help you explore career options and make decisions about the career that is right for you?

Tips for exploring using GoinGlobal

Do you find yourself wondering what it would like to work abroad or across country? Explore internship and volunteering options in each of our country and city guides. In the ‘Finding a Job’ section, click on ‘Non-Profits and NGOs.’

Example from our Mexico country guide’s section on Non-Profits and NGOs:

NGOs in Mexico date back to the time of conquest and colony, when Hernan Cortes founded the Hospital de Jesus in 1524, and the Catholic Church started to manage social volunteerism at orphanages, hospitals and schools. Even though powerful governments ruled Mexico, private institutions were formed to provide assistance to the population. One example is the Nacional Monte de Piedad, an organization created in the 18th century to provide low-interest loans to people of little means. It has since been officially recognized as a charitable organization, and today continues to support the Mexican people. Other NGOs appeared during the revolution (1910 to 1920), including the Free School of Law, popular saving banks and Catholic confederations. In 1929, the National Association to Infant Protection (ANPI) was formed. Now known as the National System for the Integral Development of Families (DIF), this organization provides care and assistance for children and Mexican families. A 1985 earthquake prompted a new focus on volunteerism in the country.  

Today there are thousands of NGOs and non-profits operating across Mexico that conduct a wide range of activities. The nation’s non-profit sector includes charities, private assistance organizations, civil associations and movements, farmers’ and workers’ organizations, sports clubs and environmental groups. NGO activities are especially active in Mexico City and the states of Mexico, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Michoacan. The National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI) published a report in 2019 about non-profit organizations. The research found the total number of individuals working in non-profit organizations during 2018 was more than 2.4 million, of which 94% were volunteers working in private institutions. In Mexico, the economic value of the jobs performed by volunteers represents 3% of the nation’s GDP. The NGO sectors with the most volunteers are religious, teaching, research, social services, development, housing and health.

Explore GoinGlobal’s Internship Database

GoinGlobal’s Internship database features millions of opportunities around the globe—all updated daily. Our proprietary search engine has the unique ability to identify internships that have been posted in the local language, as well as in English. Each internship opportunity lists the position title and description, company name, location and date of posting.

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