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Career Guides Offer Employment and Industry Trends – STEM Examples

STEM workers are in high demand around the world. But for many students – and even career office staff – investigating job, internship or education options in different locations can be overwhelming. Using GoinGlobal’s location-specific Career Guides can expedite your

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Wanted: STEM Professionals

Forecasts show that STEM job opportunities will continue to grow by leaps and bounds over the next decade. Professionals with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) backgrounds are in demand across many job sectors globally and have been increasingly so

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Network Your Way to a Job Offer

Networking is simply the process of making contacts. Learning how to make and nurture new contacts is a critical skill for everyone. When moving to a new country or city, this skill can make a tremendous difference to your success.

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Navigating Freelance and Remote Work

In today’s increasingly flexible business environment, more work options are available. Here are some resources and tips for approaching them. Jobseekers interested in freelance and remote employment* should always visit the websites of companies of interest to find out if

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Spotlight on GoinGlobal’s Unique H-1B Visa Search Engine

Helping job seekers interested in working in the United States to develop an understanding of hiring trends and salary ranges by location and occupation. GoinGlobal’s custom-designed H-1B Plus database* provides U.S. Department of Labor records for millions of companies that have

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Engineers Are in Demand Around the World

For the foreseeable future, engineers will be needed across the discipline.  As has been true for many years, engineers continue to be among the most sought-after professionals around the world. Engineering is a versatile discipline with a broad career path

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Explore Work Permits and Visas Using GoinGlobal’s Country Guides

Dreaming of living or working abroad? What are the legal issues and paperwork involved? Where are reliable and current sources of information?  GoinGlobal’s proprietary resources, available through subscribing institutions, include dedicated Work Permits and Visas sections in Country Guides for

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Work Visa for Foreign Nationals

Understanding some of the common requirements for work visas across the globe can go a long way in preparing you for the process.  General Visa Basics If you plan to enter, travel, study or work in most countries, you’ll need

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The Importance of Cost of Living

Before accepting a job abroad, consider what your expenses will be. A dream job abroad can open many doors and boost your resumé. It can lead to mind-opening experiences and adventures that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Immersing yourself in

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Holiday Travel Tips for Foreign Nationals

The holiday season often equals holiday travel, something many anticipate all year – maybe none more than those far from home. The holidays present a chance to take a break from work and your typical day-to-day existence. It allows you

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