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Employment Outlook: Costa Rica

  Hard hit by COVID-19, Costa Rica’s job market is slowly bouncing back.  As elsewhere in the world, Costa Rica’s job market was hit hard by COVID-19. It is slowly improving and returning to pre-pandemic levels, but at a slower

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Employment Outlook: Austria

Austria’s economy is recovering faster than expected after the COVID-19 pandemic undermined its growth. The country is heading to pre-COVID levels in the summer. Its hiring outlook is positive, jobs growth is strong and unemployment is expected to decline to

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Employment Outlook: Vietnam

Skilled workers are needed as Vietnam’s economy continues to grow. Vietnam’s shift from a centralized to a more market-oriented economy has made it an emerging Asian powerhouse. In fact, the Vietnamese economy was one of the few that continued to

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Employment Outlook: Argentina

Low unemployment and positive hiring intentions characterize Argentina post-COVID-19. By Mary Anne Thompson, Founder and President, GoinGlobal, Inc. Argentina has abundant natural resources, an educated workforce and strong agricultural and industrial sectors. It’s experienced serious economic crises over the past

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The Great Resignation: What does It Mean

The Great Resignation The Great Resignation, also known as the Extraordinary Exodus, began in February 2021 and continues today. Its effects, initiated for the most part by circumstances surrounding COVID-19, can be felt around the world as employees across the

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Living and Working in the UK

Brexit and COVID-19 have affected the cost of living in the UK, from housing to transportation to medical care. The United Kingdom is suffering from a cost-of-living crisis initiated by Brexit and compounded by COVID-19. National health care contributions and

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Employment Outlook: Norway

Areas of job promise grow across many sectors in resource rich Norway. By Mary Anne Thompson, Founder and President, GoinGlobal, Inc. Norway’s economy is recovering from the initial effects of the pandemic, however, the timeline for this recovery remains uncertain

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Employment Outlook: New York

The Big Apple works toward normalcy as jobs increase amidst ongoing coronavirus restrictions.  By Mary Anne Thompson, founder and president, GoinGlobal, Inc. New York City is the largest regional economy in the United States, with an annual economic output of

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Employment Trends in the U.S. Midwest

A snapshot of current and future job opportunities the US Midwest including Indianapolis, Milwaukee and St. Louis. By Mary Anne Thompson, founder and president, GoinGlobal, Inc. The U.S. Midwest, also known as “America’s heartland” and “America’s breadbasket,” is usually defined

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Tokyo’s Job Market: At a Glance

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games happening this past summer and COVID-19 an ongoing factor in everyday life, Japan’s capital city looks to a brighter future. Tokyo, Japan’s capital, has a population of more than 13 million people, around 11%

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