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Manage Your Move Abroad in Ten Steps

So, you’ve landed that perfect job abroad or finally decided to realize your dream of moving to a new country. Either way, you’ll experience many new things – new people, new cultures, new languages, new food, new customs. It’s exciting

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Living in South Korea

South Koreans work hard, are paid well and enjoy a stable currency and a high standard of living. The cost of living in South Korea is quite reasonable, in general, though capital city Seoul is quite expensive. Housing is typically

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Living and Working in India

Foreign nationals enjoy India’s low cost of living, favorable work-life balance and the opportunity to gain new skills. By Mary Anne Thompson, founder and president, Goinglobal, Inc. Most foreigners enjoy India’s lower cost of living and appreciate the favorable work-life

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Europeans Have Strong Appetite for International Work – Top Countries Revealed

According to a study conducted by ADP, Europeans have a strong desire to work internationally. The study, conducted in July 2016 after the vote for Brexit, considers how employees feel about the future of work, international competitiveness and talent management. Among nearly 10,000 European employees surveyed, 74% would consider career opportunities in a foreign country.

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Shanghai: A Single Work Permit for Expats

Great news for foreigners looking to become expats in China. As of November 1, 2016, the two types of work permits for ordinary foreign employees and foreign experts will be streamlined into one, which means foreigners will only need to apply for one unified work permit.

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The 25 Best Multinational Companies to Work For

The research and consultancy firm, Great Place to Work, provides a new ranking of 2016’s best multinational companies to work for. Google continues to be the top contender for the fourth year running, with the company landing in top rankings in six different countries.

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The World’s Best and Worst Countries for Girls Ranked

Every seven seconds, one girl under the age of 15 gets married across the world. According to Save the Children, child marriage is correlated with teen pregnancy, maternal deaths, and high levels of girls dropping out of school.

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Behold: The Fastest-Growing Job Categories for Flexible Work

Years ago, flexible working was nearly unheard of for experienced career professionals yet now it’s becoming increasingly popular as more and more companies, and even a few surprising industries, are offering flexible work programs to their employees.

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