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Italy: New Obligations Take Effect for Foreign Companies Posting Foreign Workers

Companies seconding foreign workers to Italy must meet new obligations set forth by The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. An online portal has been launched to accept mandatory notifications from EU and non-EU employers.

Any updates to employees’ information must be reported by the employer within five days of change. Employers must also maintain employee documentation for up to two years after the assignment end date, and a company representative must be appointed.

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Tips on Finding a Job in a Foreign Country

Searching for jobs internationally can be a complicated process, but with thorough preparation and research, you can spare yourself (and recruiters) a headache.

Location Targeting – it’s important to narrow down the location in which you wish to seek employment, rather than choosing a general geographic region.

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Saudi Arabia: Job Search

Oil prices and foreign investment have led to a rapidly growing economy in Saudi Arabia. The economy, as well as professional growth opportunities and income tax-free salaries, has enticed a steady stream of highly skilled expat workers.

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Dream of Working Overseas? Consider These Top 10 Cities

Many of us share the aspiration of living and working in a foreign country, and as more and more companies expand their operations overseas, employment opportunities abroad are becoming increasingly more available. Which means your chances of finding a job opportunity at the destination of your choice may never be better.

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7 Jobs That Allow You to Live & Work Abroad as Your Own Boss

Thanks to digital technology and the rise of “digital nomad hubs,” working remotely and living abroad is becoming easier than ever.

Let’s face it, the corporate world is not for everyone, and there’s a common misconception that in order to travel abroad and work remotely, you must be rich.

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