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Navigating Costly Sydney

Sydney, the capital of the state of New South Wales, may be the costliest city in Australia, but by global standards, it is becoming more affordable. The depreciation of the local currency has caused Sydney to fall six places to

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Five Major Cities That Offer a High Quality of Life

Moving abroad is no small thing. It takes much study and consideration. Can I get a good job? Will the city’s culture be a good fit for my lifestyle? What if I get sick? Is it too expensive for me?

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Australia: Communication Styles

Australia is a multicultural, amicable society, so it is important to be sensitive to different cultures and lifestyles when interacting with locals who may come from a wide range of traditions.

In general, Australians feel they are an unpretentious people and are proud of this.

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Australia: New Visa Pathway for Entrepreneurs and Graduate Students

If you’re interested in moving to Australia, enjoy nice weather and surfing (or not), are an entrepreneur or foreign grad student, then there may be an opportunity for you. Eligibility focuses on entrepreneurs with financial backing and proven successful entrepreneurial activities.

As of September 10, 2016, a new visa pathway is available for qualified entrepreneurs through the Business Innovation and Investment Visa program.

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